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Roseville Investments Sp. z o.o. encourages employees to take an active part in shaping their career paths and personal development. More than half of our managers have been promoted internally. In addition to a salary, we provide generous employee benefits. Interested? Then read on about our recruitment process.
1. Find an opening you are interested in

Select a tab to view the current list of vacancies; once you have filed your job application, it will be processed in accordance with the procedure described below. If you have not found a suitable opening at this time, you may wish to submit your CV for consideration in future recruitment by filling out the appropriate form.

2. Submit your application

To add your application to our database, fill out the form

  • be truthful
  • make sure your CV is clear and free from mistakes; be specific when describing your strengths
  • apply for a position, for which you meet most of the requirements
  • instead of attaching a cover letter, explain in two sentences why you want to work for our company
  • make sure your phone number and e-mail address are valid
3. Application review

Preliminary screening of job applications.

An HR employee will contact you by phone in order to discuss the most important skills the job you are applying for will require.

  • speak openly—it will pay off in the future
  • answer questions—kind of obvious, but it turns out it's not that simple!
4. Interview

If the call was successful for you and for us, you will be invited to an interview with your future manager

  • arrive on time
  • think of what you do well and enjoy doing
  • think of any questions you may want to ask us
  • you may be asked to do a task (xls, case study)
  • you may meet a senior manager or a person who does a job similar to the one you are applying for
5. Start of employment or traineeship

An employment contract will be signed by both parties—if you are satisfied and we are satisfied, welcome on board!

If you have not been accepted, you will receive feedback after the interview. We welcome students who speak foreign languages. If you know Hungarian, Romanian, German, Czech or Slovak, consider adding your CV to our database.