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Mi MIX 2S, the latest flagship of Xiaomi is now available for the clients. It can be purchased at and at the Authorized Mi Store in the Warsaw Arkadia shopping mall. Customers are offered a 6 GB RAM version with 64GB of storage.
The new Redmi 4X becomes available in the official sales channel today. Extremely attractive to the eye - thanks to its stylish and slim body made of matt metal – it offers the potential that many alternative smartphones at a similar price do not have. Thanks to the above, Redmi 4X can become one of the most popular smartphones in Poland and a worthy successor of the most popular Xiaomi model in Poland in terms of purchases – Redmi 3S.
ABC Data, the only official distributor and representative of Xiaomi in Poland, introduces Redmi Note 4 to sale. The latest smartphone from the Redmi series comes with Snapdragon 625 processor and 3 GB RAM and 32 GB memory. It also offers a quick fingerprint reader and, unlike the twin model available on the Asian markets, also supports the B20 band, which provides access to the LTE internet. The recommended price of Redmi Note 4 is PLN 1,299.00.
Redmi 4A – the latest Xiaomi smartphone model – already available in official sales in Poland – is addressed to people who expect from a smartphone for a low price freedom of use, several days of operation on a single charge, good quality photos, and both a solid and smooth design.
ABC Data, the only official representative and distributor of Xiaomi products in Poland, introduces further innovative products of its partner to the sales channel: Mi BOX, Mi Band 2, and Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro. The new products will appear in the offer of, among others, (formerly, Komputronik,, RTV EURO AGD,, and also in the authorised Xiaomi store, which operates on