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ABC Data Capital Group is a leading IT hardware distributor in Central and Eastern Europe. It is the only company in the industry that managed to build a strong presence in eight CEE countries, with direct business operations in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Hungary. With over 20 years of experience in the distribution of computer hardware, software and consumer electronics, the Group has been able to create the most comprehensive portfolio on the market, comprising 56,000 products from over 300 leading suppliers.


ABC Data is a modern distributor that goes beyond traditional business models and uses advanced ordering and logistics solutions.Currently over 90 percent of orders are processed on InterLink, our own highly-regarded online sales and customer service platform. With distribution centres in Warsaw and Sosnowiec, the company is able to offer delivery within 24 hours throughout the CEE region.


Development strategy

ABC Data S.A. was established over 20 years ago. Its extensive experience allowed the company to formulate and repeatedly test a secure and efficient strategy of growth. For many years, ABC Data S.A. Group has been growing faster than the markets on which it operates, which proves that it has chosen the right path. ABC Data's strategy aims at stable, evolutionary growth, based on the organisation's internal potential, its experience gained over many years and its strengths, as well as geographic expansion…more >


Market position

ABC Data is a leading IT distributor in Central and Eastern Europe. The company came out on top of the main Computerworld TOP 200 ranking and was the largest IT company in Poland in 2012. ABC Data was number one in the main Computerworld TOP 200 ranking. With 2012 sales of PLN 3.7 billion, the Company was the largest IT enterprise in Poland in 2012. For the third year in a row, it was also the largest IT hardware distributor in Poland. According to one report, the entire distribution segment was growing rapidly last year. Enterprises working in this area increased their sales by improving efficiency, optimising costs and expanding exports.


Our approach

ABC Data has been growing rapidly for 20 years. The main idea behind our business model is to expand our portfolio continually, so as to enable Clients to purchase all the products they need from us, at the best prices. We also try to make sure that purchasing from ABC Data is as simple as possible. The powerful InterLink system, which we have developed over many years, has become a model for many solutions in IT distribution. It allows users to compare products, to generate trade offers automatically and to set up their own online stores. Our logistics solutions minimise the time and cost of delivery on any market where ABC Data Group is present.